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All of the material provided on this website is informational for all school nurses and other healthcare professionals, and the resources are documented for the material shared.

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Child Welfare (DCF webpage)

 Continuing Educational Opportunity Websites:


Gender Identity

*NEW: Immunization (Resources from the NJDOH DSH Team)

      Contact Information for:

DSH Team (Daycares, Schools, and Higher Education) Regional Epidemiology Program Communicable Disease Service New Jersey Department of Health, PO Box 369, Trenton, NJ 08625.

Phone: 609-826-5964 Fax: 609-826-5972 

LGBTQIA+ Youth in New Jersey - 14 Free Resources

  • PRIDE Center - NJ PRIDE offers mentorship opportunities.

  • Kaleidoscope - Offers groups to  empower LGBTQIA+ teens (and allies) to lead healthy, productive lives. 

  • HiTOPS - is a nonprofit organization that provides inclusive and youth-informed LGBTQ support for young people throughout New Jersey. Health services and group support resources are available for people ages 13 - 26. 


  • Garden State Equality’s Affirming Healthcare Map - The nonprofit Garden State Equality compiled a healthcare directory of doctors and providers who identified themselves as LQBTQIA-friendly. Garden State Equality also provides inclusivity training and resources to schools. 

  • North Jersey Community Research Initiative - NJCI offers primary care, infectious disease care and gender affirmative hormonal treatment, as well as HIV treatment and prevention. They view healthcare holistically and include mental health, substance use treatment, and case management services, too. 

  • Project WOW Youth Center - For young people ages 14-24, Project WOW is a safe space to build community, gain leadership skills and access relevant sexual health, mental health, and substance use services. They offer free rapid HIV testing, one-on-one counseling, safe sex kits, and more. 


  • 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline - The new 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is available 24/7 and nationwide. If you are considering suicide or you are in crisis, call or text 988. Its website features additional resources and information for LGBTQIA+ residents. 

  • 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline - This 24/7 helpline serves all NJ youth and young adults in New Jersey. Youth who call are assisted with their daily life challenges by professional staff and trained volunteers. Anonymity and confidentiality are assured except in life-threatening situations. Call or text 1-888-222-2228. 

  • The Trevor ProjectThe Trevor Project’s goal is to prevent LGBTQIA+ youth suicides. It offers a 24/7 hotline that you can text at 678-678 or call at 1-866-488-7386. It also has online support groups

  • NJ PRISM - The PRISM hotline operates 24/7 and provides information and referrals to the LGBTQIA+ community. It can help connect you to services and programs in New Jersey that you may be eligible for. Call 844-657-7476. 

Housing - The housing services below are for emergency scenarios or for New Jersey youth who find themselves in unsafe situations.  

  • Mary’s Place - Located in Mercer County, Mary’s Place is a LGBTQIA+ affirming safe housing program for young people, ages 18-21. In addition to the supervised living conditions, staff can help you connect to mental and physical health care, financial education, employment preparation, and more.  

  • Together (Shelter)Together is a 24-hour emergency shelter for kids ages 9-18, who need a safe place to stay. It is a walk-in shelter, meaning you’ll get help as soon as you enter its doors. In addition to food, clothing, and medical services, staff can connect you with counseling, educational services, and recreational activities. It is LGBTQIA+ affirming. 

  • RAIN Foundation - Located in Essex County, Reaching Adolescents In Need (RAIN) Foundation is a non-profit that provides emergency shelter for LGBT individuals, ages 18 to 26, who are experiencing crisis leading to homelessness. 

  • Covenant House For youth between the ages of 18 to 21 facing homelessness, Covenant House provides residential and supportive services. There are also programs for young, first-time mothers.  

More resources 

For any questions on this, please contact NJ DCF Office of Communications,

Lyme Disease 


Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning

Opioid Addiction information​

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Seizures (see Epilepsy above)


  • THIS IS QUITTING is a first of its kind program to help young people quit vaping

Tuberculosis (Resources from the NJDOH DSH Team)

  • Rutgers Global Tuberculosis Institute has a Tuberculosis handbook for School Nurses that reviews TB fundamentals and how to apply them in the school setting!

  • There is a section for school nurses on the right hand side of the NJDOH TB Program page that has links to TB requirements for schools as well as the NJSSNA handbook (look for page 73!).

  • The TB Program is currently working with the Global TB Institute on a series of TB 101 lectures that are currently live and recorded for future listening. They can be accessed here TB101.

  • If you have any questions about Tuberculosis or TB testing in your school or district, please contact your local health department for more info Department of Health | Local Public Health | For The Community (

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