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NJDOH DSH team K-12 Guidance Updates Training program, Wednesday, January 19th from 4:00pm to 5:00pm 

The best way to access the training meeting is from the NJDOH Communicable Disease Service Education and Training page on the New Jersey Department of Health website by clicking on this link: 



ECSNA Zoom "NJSSNA Updates" & general meeting  time change for Wednesday, January 19th from 5:00pm to 5:30pm at the Zoom link below:


Meeting ID: 418 634 3724
Passcode: Cjp4k2
Dial by your location

                +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
       Meeting ID: 418 634 3724
Passcode: 230774

From our Treasurer, Lila Kurzum, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ from the NJDOH: 

NEW: COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations for Local Health Departments for K-12 Schools
Updated January 12, 2022 - please click


From: SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the New Jersey State School Nurses Association Digest for Monday, January 11, 2022:

  • NJDOH COVID-19 Vaccine Healthcare Provider Frequently Asked Questions (1/10) - please click here


  • NJDOH COVID-19 Vaccine Public Frequently Asked Questions (1/10) - please click here


  • NJDOH COVID-19 Vaccine Infographic (1/10) - please click here


  • NJDOH RECOMMENDED COVID-19 ISOLATION AND QUARANTINE TIMEFRAMES FOR NON-HEALTHCARE SETTINGS (1/10) - please click here (please see the COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations for Local Health Departments for K-12 Schools above for school-specific recommendations)

Sheila Caldwell, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ & Dr. Cynthia Samuel PhD, RN, CSN-NJ
have been selected as two of the recipients of the
2022 Diva and Don’s Award
which honors those who have made extraordinary contributions to the nursing profession in New Jersey. 

Resources for food banks/pantries, and meals for infants, children and families:
At this link: https://hungerfreenj.org/help/ you will find a comprehensive list of resources for food and meals as organized by the group “Hunger Free New Jersey”.  Note that the link for the 2-1-1 Directory has six options listed and these include “home-delivered meals” (see “Older Adults” and “Individuals with Disabilities”) and Formula/Baby Food (see “Immediate Food” and “Infants and Children”).
Many thanks to:

Rick Hager

Community Outreach Coordinator

Office of Communications, Legislative and Public Affairs

New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF)

PO Box 729

Trenton, NJ 08625     

C:  (609) 947-7505


From: SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the New Jersey State School Nurses Association Digest for Wednesday, January 5th:

NJDOH Interim Guidance for Implementing Test to Stay in K-12 Schools (1/1) click here

"I am going to add this here as it relates to "Test to Stay" information that the White House partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation put in place.


The website "Open and Safe Schools" held a number of webinars concerning testing and has resources on the site. Sessions 6-8 mainly spoke about "Test to Stay". Click here then scroll down the page for the takeaways and key moments from the recorded sessions." 

(Please click on the title to read the entire blog)

From: SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the New Jersey State School Nurses Association Digest for Monday December 30, 2021:
NJDOH Update (12/30) see below and here is the link - www.nj.gov/health/cd/documents/topics/NCOV/...

NJDOH 12_30.png

THURSDAY, JANUARY 13th, 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Please click on the image above to register.

Educating Students During Quarantine
Please click on the document on the left or the title above for the link and hyperlinks contained therein.

Resources from the USDOE COVID-19 website:

  • Long COVID under Section 504 and the IDEA: A Resource to Support Children, Students, Educators, Schools, Service Providers, and Families (7/2021) - please click here

  • Questions and Answers on Civil Rights and School Reopening in the COVID-19 Environment (5/2021) -  please click here


  • Education in a Pandemic: The Disparate Impacts of COVID-19 on America's Students (6/2021) -   please click here

    Your administration will be determining the protocols to follow.


From: SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the New Jersey State School Nurses Association Digest for Monday December 22, 2021:
"Your Voice is Needed: "School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice" - 4th Revision - Public Commenting
Dear Community Members,

NASN is in the final phase of the 4th revision of the School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice.

As part of American Nurses Association's (ANA) process for revision, the draft document is posted for public review and commentary. We value your participation in this process. Here<https://www.nasn.org/nasn/home/scope-standards-review-commentary> is a link to the draft document and the comment form.

You can also cut and paste the link below in your browser.

We hope you will review this publication and submit comments. The deadline for submitting comments is January 10, 2022

Follow-up information from:

Covid-19 Updates in Essex County

Presented by

Dr. Cynthia Samuel, PhD, RN, CSN

From: SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the New Jersey State School Nurses Association Digest for Monday December 13, 2021:
This is a great program for "at-home PCR" saliva testing.
Click the image below for all the information about the program which is specific to the agreement which Vault Health has with the State of New Jersey.
Share widely.

Vault free testing.png


From NJ.gov: Booster Shots are Now Approved for Individuals Ages 16 and Older. Please click here for the link to the website.

From: SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the NASN All Member Forum Digest for Thursday, December 10, 2021:
National Mental Health Crisis - US Surgeon General Report
The US Surgeon General released a report about mental health. Click the image below to view it.

Sheila Caldwell had previously shared a new website in relation to the National Mental Health Crisis Emergency Announcement, "Sound the Alarm for Kids". Be sure to periodically visit this website for information and resources. - click

Surgeon General report.png

From: SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the New Jersey State School Nurses Association Digest for Thursday December 9, 2021:

December 9th:

  • These reflect NJDOH and the governor's recent exec order: 

  • Executive Order No. 207 automatically enrolls residents who choose to receive a COVID-19 vaccine into the state's existing vaccine registry (NJIIS) - click here to read (This to help with tracking and documentation especially to help support individuals who will need the second dosage for the vaccines know to be set up for 2 injections).

  • NJ Covid Travel Advisory (Updated 12/7) - click here. (Updated to the change of CDC quarantine recommendations and no longer list of states)."

From: SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the NASN All Member Forum Digest for Thursday, December 2, 2021:
President Biden Announces New Actions to Protect Americans Against the Delta and Omicron Variants as We Battle COVID-⁠19 this Winter (please click on title for the full article)  

"This plan includes:

  1. Boosters for All Adults

  2. Vaccinations to Protect Our Kids and Keep Our Schools Open

  3. Expanding Free At-Home Testing for Americans

  4. Stronger Public Health Protocols for Safe International Travel

  5. Protections in Workplaces to Keep Our Economy Open

  6. Rapid Response Teams to Help Battle Rising Cases

  7. Supplying Treatment Pills to Help Prevent Hospitalizations and Death

  8. Continued Commitment to Global Vaccination Efforts

  9. Steps to Ensure We Are Prepared for All Scenarios "

From: SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the NASN All Member Forum Digest for Thursday, December 2, 2021:  
CDC- New Social and Emotional Climate and Learning Resources for Parents, Families, and Schools: 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are increasing their focus on mental health and well-being. Many schools are working to create a positive social and emotional climate to support students' social and emotional learning. Parents and families play a critical role in this because they are often the first to help children develop skills to recognize and manage emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.


Because research suggests that evidence-based social and emotional learning programs are more effective when extended into the home, CDC Healthy Schools has created a new tip sheet for parents and families and a new toolkit for schools to heighten awareness of and improve communication about social and emotional climate and learning.


You can find more information on our updated social and emotional climate and learning web page. Also check out more resources for mental health and other healthy schools topics in our CDC Healthy Schools Partner Toolkit.

From: SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the NASN All Member Forum Digest for Tuesday, November 30, 2021: 

AHA Updates CPR Guidance for Individuals With Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

Please be sure to click on the article below for the updates:
2021 Interim Guidance to Health Care Providers for Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support in Adults, Children, and Neonates With Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

Words of wisdom from Robin CoganMEd, RN, NCSN, FAAN as we await more information regarding the Omicron Covid-19 variant:
The Relentless School Nurse: Momentary Time and Space to Feel Calm

(Please click on the title to read Robin Cogan's entire blog)


The COVID-19 Vaccination for Children: The Science and School Nurses’ Experiences 

educational program provided excellent strategies to facilitate vaccine compliance, and emphasized the potentially profound nursing licensure consequences of spreading Covid-19 vaccine misinformation.

Please click on the title of the policy brief from eight leading nursing organizations, including the US Boards of Nursing below:

Policy Statement: Dissemination of Non-scientific and Misleading COVID-19 Information by Nurses

Excerpt: "Nurses are urged to recognize that dissemination of misinformation not only jeopardizes the health and well-being of the public, but may place their license and career in jeopardy as well."

Slide decks from the presentation will be shared when they become available.

From the Children’s Grief Awareness Day website:
IMAGINE: A CENTER FOR COPING WITH LOSS - With locations in Mountainside and Newark, IMAGINE offers free, year-round grief support for children, families, and communities. 
Phone number: 908-264-3100, and website: imaginenj.org

From: SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the NJSSNA Digest for Thursday, November 11, 2021
"RE: 21-22 School Year - NJDOH & NJDOE

Important updates.

  • Letters from USED & USDHSS Secretaries Becerra and Cardona Regarding Pediatric Vaccination Efforts (11/10) - click here

  • Reminder: Communicable Disease Reporting and Surveillance System (11/10) - click here

  • Hope, Healing and Resilience Through the COVID-19 Pandemic Student Art Showcase & Installation Project (10/27) - click here

  • We Can! Virtual Career Day for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (10/27) - click here

  • New Jersey Comprehensive School-Based Mental Health Training and Technical Assistance (10/27) - click here. I do hope your district included you on the team as we deal with mental health concerns daily"

Many thanks to our Co-President Laura W. Sacks, RN, BA, BSN, MA for sharing the 10/2021 update for the New Jersey Immunization Requirement Frequently Asked Questions as noted below:

https://www.nj.gov/health/cd/imm_requirements/ - 

NJ Immunization Requirements Frequently Asked Questions UPDATED 10/2021  

The Resources page of our website has been updated.

Entry from SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from the NASN All Member Forum Digest for Friday November 5, 2021 to Monday November 8, 2021:

"The Rockefeller Foundation and "Open & Safe Schools"
You possibly read the White House Fact sheet that spoke about the USDOE and CDC partnering with The Rockefeller Foundation to accelerate school-based COVID-19 testing for students and staff. If not, you can read the information by clicking

The program rolled out last week and there are bi-weekly "Learning Network Sessions" for school leaders and interested parties as well as a plethora of information on the website. Click the image to visit the website to view the information and be sure to click on "Learning Network" to view and register for upcoming sessions."



os schools.png


 by Robin Cogan, MEd, RN, NCSN, FAAN
(Please click on the title to read the entire blog)
 The Relentless School Nurse: Our Kids Are Irreplaceable  

Excerpt: "This social media campaign was retrieved from: COVID-19 Public Education Campaign An initiative to increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and reinforce basic prevention measures.

The one thing I would change about the content of this campaign is the final line. It states “if you have a question ask a doctor. As much as I respect my physician colleagues, they are not the only experts. Healthcare professionals can answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccine for children. It is up to all of us to promote vaccine confidence. No one has more access to our nation’s 56 million children than the 96,000 school nurses on the frontlines of COVID in schools every single day.

You can be part of the COVID Community Corps – sign up here:  here: https://wecandothis.hhs.gov/covidcommunitycorps."

Information regarding the CDRSS reporting window from SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from NJSSNA thread November 3rd, 2021:

"The reporting window is from Tuesday 12:00 am to Wednesday 5:00 pm each week. This was recently extended and is announced on the CDRSS login page.  If a school is closed during the reporting window, they can add a comment regarding reason (holiday, etc.) in the comment field when they report this week's data the following week. They would not double up. This question is covered in the user guide that can be found on the CDRSS home page. See below from page 14. The user guide (attached) has also been updated to reflect the new fields that were added for vaccination mandate. Message was sent out to the users on 10/26 with the new user guide and contact info for questions.

I skipped a week of reporting and did not report my surveillance data last week. Should I include all new COVID-19 cases during the past two weeks in my current week's surveillance entry?

No. Only include cases occurring in Monday-Sunday of the week prior to the surveillance date as your new COVID-19 cases for that surveillance period. Include any cases occurring in the week before that in your cumulative COVID-19 case counts, but not as new cases for that week.
For example, assume you are reporting your data on Tuesday, January 5, and had six new cases at your school between December 28 and January 3. You did not report your data on December 29 but had three cases in the prior week (December 21 - December 27). Do not include these three cases as new cases during January 5th reporting -- only include your six new staff/student cases in the prior week as new cases but include your three earlier cases in the cumulative case total module fields. You may also include a comment in the comments field explaining your data entry."

Surveillance for Influenza and COVID (SIC) Module: User Guide for Schools


  • NJDOH COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations for Local Health Departments for K-12 Schools (10/8) - click here


  • NJDOH Public Health Recommendations for Implementing COVID-19 Screening Testing in K-12 Schools (10/8) - click here

From SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow downloaded from NASN thread November 2nd, 2021:
CDC Updates Blood Lead Reference Value to 3.5 µg/dL

Excerpt from the CDC news release referenced below: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated its blood lead reference value (BLRV) from 5 µg/dL to 3.5 µg/dL in response to the Lead Exposure Prevention and Advisory Committee (LEPAC) recommendation made on May 14, 2021. The BLRV is intended to identify children with higher levels of lead in their blood compared to most children, based on the 97.5th percentile of the blood lead level (BLL) distribution in U.S. children ages 1–5 years"

The following resources may provide some helpful information about the updated BLRV:

In addition, an MMWR Policy Note titled, "Update of the Blood Lead Reference Value - United States, 2021" is available at Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) | MMWR (cdc.gov).

Resource from our October 26th NJSSNA Educational Program:
Aetna Better Health of New Jersey presented information on their Healthcare Central, NJ FamilyCare Guidance Center in Newark and the services they provide at that location. They provide a lot of community outreach programs with nutritional support, education and assistance with access to healthcare
. Please click here for their brochure.

                                                 THE RELENTLESS SCHOOL NURSE BLOG

                                   by Robin Cogan, MEd, RN, NCSN, FAAN,

                                                  (Please click on the title to read the entire blog)

                                              The Relentless School Nurse: A Concerning Trend

Excerpted resources and ethical substantiation for advocating for Covid-19 vaccines for children:

"Here are two informative articles that can be shared with my families and school staff:

My child is about to turn 12. Which COVID-19 vaccine should they get? James D. Campbell, MD, MS, FAAP

Five Big Questions About COVID Vaccines for Kids With FDA authorization for a kid-size COVID vaccine pending, a pediatrician and infectious-disease expert weighs in on what’s next. By Katherine J. Wu

One final article about our nursing code of ethics:

According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), the nursing code of ethics is a guide for “carrying out nursing responsibilities in a manner consistent with quality in nursing care and the ethical obligations of the profession.” Ethics, in general, are the moral principles that dictate how a person will conduct themselves. Ethical values are essential for ALL healthcare workers, especially nurses. 

What is the Nursing Code of Ethics? Kathleen Gaines By: Kathleen Gaines MSN, RN, BA, CBC"

October 26th SELF CARE FORUM recording and slides. We are checking with our participants regarding the sharing of the recording. Please click here for Dr. Pao-Chu Tseng's slide deck.

More inspiration from Robin CoganMEd, RN, NCSN, FAAN,
(Please click on the title to read the entire blog)
The Relentless School Nurse: Our Most Important Role Yet!

From SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NEA SISP Fellow, downloaded from NJSSNA & NASN threads October 21, 2021:

NJDOE has a list of approved agencies that you can download. Please click here to see the link for the list. The last two columns note the approved nursing agencies. The only other sub opportunities are if the district hires their own. (The chart is a bit difficult to read, but you'll see)

Approved Clinics and Agencies
Regulated by New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:14-5.1 through 5.2
The clinics and agencies in this directory are approved to contract with public school districts to provide services for two categories of students: 1) Eligible students, enrolled at public expense, in public school districts and 2) Eligible students, enrolled at parental expense, in nonpublic schools. Clinics may be approved to provide services on-site at the location listed and/or off-site at the student's home, school or other appropriate location.

Seizure education opportunities: "Seizure Safe School Courses" from the Epilepsy Foundation, please click here.

Many thanks to Gina Emge, MSN, RN, CSN-NJ, NASN Director, for sharing the above information.

MiniMed™ 620G: MMT-1510, MMT-1550, MMT-1710, MMT-1750
MiniMed™ 630G: MMT-1714, MMT-1715, MMT-1754, MMT-1755
MiniMed™ 640G: MMT-1511, MMT-1512, MMT-1551, MMT-1552, MMT-1711, MMT-1712, MMT-1751, MMT-1752
MiniMed™ 670G: MMT-1580, MMT-1741, MMT-1742, MMT-1760, MMT-1761, MMT-1762, MMT-1780, MMT-1781, MMT-1782

Medtronic Expands Recall Of Thousands of Insulin Pumps, please click on title to read the article.

From FDA Medwatch:

TOPIC: One Lot of GLUCAGON Emergency Kit by Eli Lilly: Recall - Due to Loss of Potency

ISSUE: Eli Lilly and Company is recalling lot D239382D, Expiration April 2022, of Glucagon Emergency Kit for Low Blood Sugar (Glucagon for Injection, 1 mg per vial; Diluent for Glucagon, 1 mL syringe) because of a product complaint reporting that the vial of Glucagon was in liquid form instead of the powder form. The firm’s investigation indicates that the liquid in this Glucagon vial could be related to the manufacturing process. The use of the liquid form of this product may fail to treat severe low blood sugar due to loss of potency.


FROM SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ downloaded from NJSSNA thread from 9/24/21:

  • NJDOE Suicide Prevention Resources (9/22) - click here


  • NJDOH Reporting for ILI (Influenza-like Illness) and COVID-19 Surveillance and Testing In Schools  (9/22) - click here    We can't forget that we are going into influenza season too! Encourage the flu shot! Here is a link to a poster from NJDOH from last year - click here and the CDC has a number of posters too - click here


Selected resources from our 9/22/21 presentation:


COVID-19 Healthcare ETS

OSHA standard 1910.504 - Mini Respiratory Protection ProgramThe school must ensure that each employee wearing a respirator instead of a facemask receives training prior to first use and if they change the type of respirator

CDC Project Firstline Infection Control webinars

OSHA Noise level decibels for public spaces (NIOSH has phone app

OSHA's Forthcoming Rule and COVID-19 Vaccination mandates

AmeriCorps Competitive NOFO (Notice of Funding Opportunity):  Schools could obtain assistance with contact tracing from the grant opportunities. The due date for that application is November 16th. 

AmeriCorps Public Health CorpsThere are a series of webinars that will help in the application process for which you would need to register. The due date for this application is November 8. Applications for this Notice of Funding are submitted directly to AmeriCorps State and National which is the federal funding agency


Additional Resources:

Guidance for nebulization during the COVID-19 pandemic (nih.gov)

Expedient Patient Isolation Rooms | NIOSH | CDC

ANA Advocacy Webpage

OSHA Workplace Updates Subscription page

Occupational management of healthcare workers exposed to COVID-19 - Aug 2021

CDC to Invest $2.1 Billion to Protect Patients and Healthcare Workers from COVID-19 and Future Infectious Disease

Article – Do I need to worry about the MU variant?

FDA -Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: September 17, 2021

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center – US Map

• CDC guidance that includes information  about nebulizers

OSHA Directive - AGP on page 7

FROM SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ downloaded from NJSSNA thread from 9/17/21:

Resources concerning Covid-19 test kits:

The Division of Industry and Consumer Education (DICE) at FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) DICE@fda.hhs.gov e-mail account. 


FDA's list of coronavirus tests that the FDA has authorized under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) can be found at https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19-emergency-use-authorizations-medical-devices/in-vitro-diagnostics-euas-molecular-diagnostic-tests-sars-cov-2 and https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19-emergency-use-authorizations-medical-devices/in-vitro-diagnostics-euas-antigen-diagnostic-tests-sars-cov-2

Please visit the links provided to view. Be sure to scroll down the page and also select "All" to view all the products.

FROM SHEILA CALDWELL, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ downloaded from NJSSNA thread from 9/4/2021

21-22 PEOSHA/NJADP -Indoor Air Quality Trainings Schedule
School nurses register by filling out this form, emailing it, and then registering on-line through NJLMN to get their 4 CEUs. Facilities Managers register by filling out this form and emailing it. Facilities Managers with CEFM certification should note that the 4 CEUs will help them to fulfill the NJDOE requirement that 20 CEUs must be earned within a three-year period to maintain certification.
(See the image below all of the text on cellular phone view for the link)


Growing Through Grief: School Nurses Giving and Receiving Support


  • The American Nurses Association curated resources in their Well-Being Initiative to support nurses' mental health and resilience.

  • Although addressing hospital-based nurses, you may find useful grief education in Dealing with GRIEF - a compilation of five short videos and resource guides presented by the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation (HPNF), Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA), Social Work Hospice and Palliative Care Network (SWHPN), Association of Professional Chaplains (APC), and the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS).

  • In addition, the Coalition to Support Grieving Students has a video on professional self-care for school staff.

  • The Coalition to Support Grieving Students wrote: Back to School 2021: Grieving Students, Transitions and COVID-19 for school staff.

*Click on white text for links


The Assistant Superintendent of the Irvington Public Schools Dr. Latee McCleod is looking for school nurses. All who are interested can email her directly at lmccleod@irvington.k12.nj.us

Speaking Up at School Board Meetings is “Good Trouble”, Robin Cogan's statement to her school board is concise, clear and compelling. Please click here for the link.



SAMHSA is committed to providing regular training and technical assistance (TTA) on matters related to the mental and substance use disorder field as they deal with COVID-19.

Their TA programs are delivering great resources during this time. View the updated available TTA resources to assist with the current situation.


Please click on the image for the NJ ACES Statewide Action Plan

Health & Safety Guidance for 2021-2022 School Year.png

Please click on the above image for the Health and Safety Guidance for the
2021-2022 School Year

RESOURCES ON LONG COVID: HHS and DOJ Issue Guidance on "Long COVID" and Disability Rights Under the ADA, Section 504, and Section 1557.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) are jointly publishing guidance on how "long COVID" can be a disability under the ADA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.  The guidance is on the HHS website at https://www.hhs.gov/civil-rights/for-providers/civil-rights-covid19/index.html and on the DOJ website at https://www.ada.gov/long_covid_joint_guidance.pdf - PDF.

This guidance, along with a directory of resources available through programs funded by the Administration for Community Living (ACL), was shared this morning by the White House as part of a comprehensive package of resources for people with long COVID, which you can find here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/07/26/fact-sheet-biden-harris-administration-marks-anniversary-of-americans-with-disabilities-act-and-announces-resources-to-support-individuals-with-long-covid/.

The ACL directory of resources for those with long COVID may be found at: https://acl.gov/sites/default/filea/COVID 19/ACL LongCOVIDpdf - PDF.
Additional Resources:

OCR has a webpage devoted to COVID-19 and civil rights issues: https://www.hhs.gov/civil-rights/for-providers/civil-rights-covid19/index.html

DOJ's Civil Rights Division has a page on its ADA.gov website that discusses topics related to COVID-19 and the ADA:  https://www.ada.gov/emerg_prep.html

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) website has a page on post-COVID conditions, which discusses long COVID:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/long-term-effects.html

Other ACL resources and information about COVID-19 for people with disabilities can be found at: https://acl.gov/COVID-19

ACL and OCR partnered to create a website that tells the story of how the ADA came to be, showcase some of the progress we have made as a country toward achieving its promise, and illustrate a little bit of the work being done by ACL and OCR, as well as other partners within HHS and across government. That website can be found at: https://acl.gov/ada

If you believe that you or another person has been discriminated against by an entity covered by Federal civil rights laws, you may file a complaint with OCR.  Information about how to file a complaint is available at: https://www.hhs.gov/ocr/complaints

If you believe that you or another person has been discriminated against by an entity covered by the ADA, you may file a complaint with the Disability Rights Section (DRS) in the Department of Justice.  Information about how to file a complaint is available at: https://www.ada.gov/fact_on_complaint.htm.

Additional resources:

  • The CDC has an early release of this report. It is mentioned because the use of nebulizers and "full, appropriate" PPE, should still be a concern.. "Risk for Acquiring COVID-19 Illness among Emergency Medical Service Personnel Exposed to Aerosol-Generating Procedures" (9/2021) - please click here to read

  • CDC MMWR Report "Acceptability of Adolescent COVID-19 Vaccination Among Adolescents and Parents of Adolescents - United States, April 15–23, 2021" - please click here to read

  • CHOP Policy Lab guidance "Guidance for In-person Education in K-12 Educational Settings" (7/2021) - please click here to read

Many thanks to Sheila Caldwell RN, BSN, CSN-NJ for all of this information.

Your local health department will interpret the guidance from these agencies based on the coronavirus activities levels in your area. Please click on the links below: 

  • CDC's Childcare Center & K-12 Guidance (7/9) - please click here.

  • USDA Back-to-School Nutrition and Supporting a Safe Re-opening information - please click here.

  • Archived webinar from USDOE "Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation in America's K-12 Schools: Guidance and Strategies for Improved Results" (6/30) - please click here to view

  • U.S. puts new warning on J&J coronavirus vaccine for autoimmune disorder - please click here.

  • AAP's Children and COVID-19 State-level Data Report - please click here.

  • 7/8 FDA & CDC Joint Statement on Vaccine Boosters - please click here.

  • OSHA Jurisdiction Over Public Schools and Other State and Local Government Entities: COVID-19 Issues (2/2021) - please click here.

  • OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards and COVID-19 (6/2021) - please click here.

  • To add public commentary to make OSHA Emergency temporary standards permanent- please click here .NJ having schools noted in their plan that has 9 standards (click here to view)

  • NJ has noted 9 standards in their plan, please click here to view.

Many thanks to Sheila Caldwell RN, BSN, CSN-NJ for all of this information.


ARTICLE ON PROMISING TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT FROM THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ALLERYG ASTHMA AND IMMUNOLOGY: Epinephrine Nasal Spray Demonstrates Bioequivalent Exposure and Absorption Rate Compared to Epinephrine Injectors, please click here.


"Boost Your Nursing Education Throughout the Summer

If you're looking for ways to continue supplementing your nursing and healthcare education during the summer, visit our webinars page or our YouTube channel to learn about topics like vision and hearing screening, cardiac arrest, AEDs, special education tools, and more! Our blog is also a great resource to read up on subjects like reopening schools, emergency preparedness and Stop the Bleed. Plus, check out our selection of books and professional resources for school nurses.

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What's Next? A Year Later - Pandemic Procedures and Protocols

We’ll address how the introduction of a vaccine has impacted safety protocols, and how schools are adapting and reopening. We'll also discuss how temperature screenings complements health monitoring in a partially-vaccinated school population. 

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Integrating Lay Rescuers Into the Plan for School Emergencies
Empowering lay rescuers to assist with medical emergencies can have enormous implications and enhance even the best emergency response plans.  

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Meeting Challenges of Vision Screening During COVID-19 - Q&A

Learn how a Head Start program in upstate New York used the Welch Allyn Spot® Vision Screener to complete their vision screening during a very challenging year. 

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Popular Books for School Nurses:

School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text
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Individualized Healthcare Plans for the School Nurse "

To request a demo Gvoke HypoPen, please click here.

For information regarding the Baqsimi (glucagon) nasal powder 3mg. made by Lily Pharmaceuticals, please click here 

RESOURCE: from the CDC Learning Connection, please click here to provide your email for information and free CE courses. This issue of the CDC Learning Connection newsletter highlights new COVID-19 trainings and resources. Please visit CDC's COVID-19 website for the latest information.

  • COVID-19 and Pregnancy

Pregnant people are at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Review what we know about the disease and getting vaccinated against COVID-19 during pregnancy with this webinar.

  • COVID-19 Viral Testing Tool

Use CDC's new COVID-19 Viral Testing Tool to determine what type of test you should perform and next steps.

  • Vaccine Confidence Among Healthcare Professionals & Local Vaccine Rollout

Watch this webinar to learn ways to increase vaccine confidence among healthcare professionals and how two counties launched COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Earn free CE.

  • Caring for People with Post-COVID Conditions

Some people experience health problems more than four weeks after SARS-CoV-2 infection. Learn how to evaluate and care for them with this webinar. Earn free CE.

Trends And Concerns Facing Teens Today-Stop the Stigma Let’s Talk About Holistic Teen Health

June 16, 2021 presentation information: Many thanks to Jaclyn Headlam for sharing her excellent presentation slides and videos with us. Please click here to view the link.

Resource downloaded from Sheila Caldwell, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ, NJSSNA School Nurse Net thread: 

P.L. 2019, CHAPTER 189 (A1428 2R) is an act concerning child trafficking awareness for school districts and supplementing chapter 36 of Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes. To read the act please click here.

NJDOE had put in place "Human Trafficking Resources" based on this law, please click here.


  • NJDOH Guidance (5/19) Travel and Masking Clarifications for K-12 Schools has been updated on (5/20) and addresses high school graduations, please click here.

  • LPNs in schools: A question arose regarding a district administration's request to have LPNs covering a school.

    • The district’s legal team would have to contact the NJDOE at healthyschools@doe.nj.gov, for this decision.

    • The broadcast memo from 12/15/15 discusses the Employment of Certified School Nurses, please click here

    • The document concerning the pandemic and substitute nurses in schools, please click here.

  • The dechoker device (portable anti-choking device to be used in schools)​

    • There is currently legislation in the assembly for the dechoker device to be made available in the cafeteria and in school nurses offices. For the bill A5524, please click here. This legislation has not been passed as yet.

  • Resource for HIPAA protected entities in reference to questions about requesting vaccination status, please click here.

  • NJAAP Pediatric Mental Health Minute Series includes approximately 16 to 18 minute videos on the following topics: Maladaptive Aggression, Deprescribing in Children, Psychosocial Treatment, Screening Tools, Mental Health Promotion and Problem Prevention, ADHD, Mental Health in Infants and Children, Antidepressant Side Effects, Antidepressants, Suicide, Adolescent Depression, Trauma Informed Care and Anxiety. Please click here for the link.


Dorrie Uscinowicz of the Voorhees School District picked up on a student's high blood pressure during a screening. It turned out that the student was diagnosed with kidney cancer and required a nephrectomy.

Please click the title below for the link to the news video:

South Jersey 9-year-old thanks school nurse for saving her life.

Racism is declared a serious public health threat by the director of the CDC.

Rochelle P. Walensky MD, MPH, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), declared racism a serious public health threat, please click here for the full document.

  • New APHA (American Public Health Association)  mapping tool tracks localities declaring racism a public health crisis, please click here.

  • The Campaign for Action has been hosting a series of webinars "Health Equity Action Forums", Fortunately, the webinars are recorded for later viewing, please click here.

  • Many thanks again to Sheila Caldwell, RN, BSN, CSN-NJ for these excellent posts.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) and 19 nursing and healthcare organizations are joining together on a new vaccine education campaign: COVID Vaccine Facts for Nurses. 

Two New NJDOH Guidance Documents Dated April 5th:

  • Guidance for Fully Vaccinated Persons in Non-Healthcare Settings - click here

  • Recommended Minimum Quarantine Timeframes - click here 

Please click here for the archived webinar for Connecting Youth and Families to Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities / Developmental Disabilities services in New Jersey. This webinar was held on March 16th.  You will learn about how these services are accessed and delivered.  The second half of the session is a Q&A which is also highly informative, as is the FAQ document for which you can click here

Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures (PNES), please click here for a brilliant article from the Journal of School Nursing referenced in a thread on School Nurse Net from the NASN All Member Forum


  • If you think that someone is in need of behavioral or mental health support, suggest that a parent or guardian call the NJ Children's System of Care at 1-877-652-7624

  • HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS: Please click here.

  • ​​EDUCATORS: Please click here.​​

  • CHILDREN’S SYSTEM OF CARE (CSOC) MEDIA KIT, please click here.

Protect Yourself: Use and Re-Use of PPE

Free PPE webinar supported by the American Nurses Foundation and ANA to help Nurses protect themselves and their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. To view the complete 60-minute webinar, as well as four Quick Videos of key highlights, please click here.  In these videos, you will learn Occupational health risks related to COVID-19; COVID-19 modes of transmission as it is currently understood; Isolation precautions and PPE selection and use for COVID-19; Crisis standards of care related to PPE use during COVID-19; re-use of PPE, including respirators and isolation gowns.

To register for the above 60 minute webinar, please click here, and choose the second option on the left side of the page.  There are many excellent free webinars offered on the nursingworld.org website including ANA's COVID-19 Self-Care Package for Nurses, which you can register for by clicking here.

Opioid Continuing Education Requirement For All Nurses Will start with 2019-21 License Renewals

Here are a couple of the options to fulfill the requirements:

T.R.U.S.T Seizure Recognition and First Aid Powerpoint for Staff Education (Please click on the title above for the link to the powerpoint) Andrea Racioppi (our presenter from the 12/16/2020 Mandatory Seizure Education Requirements based on Paul's Law program) has requested that you send her a sign in sheet by fax to: 609-392-5621 or scanning the sign in sheet and sending them to her email address: aracioppi@efnj.com
IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: To obtain a certificate from the Epilepsy Foundation,
you must attend a live webinar by registering on the following website: https://epilepsyservicesnj.org/pauls-law/